18 Feb

past work – web



Maria at Simply Mai Tai makes beautiful custom baby slings. Each sling is hand made in your choice of fabrics, and can be hand embroidered by Maria too. She wanted a Facebook cover image that conveyed how bespoke and one-of-a kind her products were – and to convey the message that she made these herself.

It was when Maria shared a new cover image on Facebook that she had just commissioned from a professional (always check out a designers portfolio when picking your designer, the designer in question had used a lot of clip art and that was not what Maria was looking for). She was not convinced or happy that the design represented her business and so she asked for my assistance.

I was able to take photos of her slings off her website and crop into them to create fabric swatches. A good selection of designs were picked to convey the vast choice of fabrics, and all pulled together to create a quilt effect background.

I thought it was also important to have the actual product clearly shown on the cover image too and so a neutral image was picked that showed the workings of the sling.

Maria already had a lovely logo but a stitch effect was placed around its edge, and make it look like it was ‘sewn onto’ the quilt patchwork. Lastly Maria wanted a fun cartoon type illustration of herself sewing as her profile picture. Photos from Maria’s Facebook profile provided reference for a simple black and white illustration.

Maria was really pleased with the finished result. She felt it captured the essence of her brand and product perfectly, as did many of her friends and customers.