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05 Sep

latest work – web


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Following the design of a logo and brand identity for Rod and Rebecca from Darby and Darby, aimée creative was asked to design a bilingual website for their specialist financial translation service. Having already worked with them I was aware that the site needed to appeal to elite clients such as Deloitte and KMPG as well as the major banks and insurance companies of Germany.

Unlike most websites Darby and Darby were unable to showcase or share examples of their work, and instead were to reply strongly upon the written word, in particular from testimonials from elite clients. From conversations with Rod and Rebecca it was clear that one of their USP’s was their specialism, and that this held many advantages over generalist translators. To highlight the value of commissioning specialist translators quotes about the art of translation were sourced and placed alongside testimonials.

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From the completed pre-project questionnaire and copy provided by Rod and Rebecca their key strengths were pulled out to design illustrated headers for each page. This created much needed visual interest on what otherwise would have been very text heavy pages, whilst avoiding the use of industry clichés such stock photos of people wearing headsets and photos of pie charts and documents. Boxes outlining the benefits of their service were also created to break up the text on the home page.

Language buttons

It was decided early on to have duplicate websites, one in German and one in English. These were to be navigated between using simple buttons at the top of the page.

The site itself was built using WordPress. This was because Rebecca was already familiar with the platform, and wanted the option of adding a simple blog/newsletter to the site at a later date. At the request of Rebecca and Rod the site was built in collaboration with a web developer in Germany, harnessing their strengths in setting up bilingual websites and in custom builds .The project itself was managed throughout by aimée creative who worked closely with the Darby & Darby and Tom the developer by Skype and email, pulling together a project with people, who were often, all in different countries and continents from each other.

View the live website here: www.darbyanddarby.com

Web Development – Tom Whiston

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Business Cards  for German to English financial  translators Darby and Darby, white, navy and cyan brand colours

Business Cards



09 Jul

latest work – web





Ellie Y Make Up approached Aimée Creative wanting a simple black and white website to really make her portfolio photos stand out on the page.

Ellie already had a substantial portfolio hosted on Flikr. She did not want to duplicate her workload and have to update her Flikr and website each time there were new photos. We therefore decided to embed Flikr slide shows into the website.

Whilst Ellie set to work organising the best of her portfolio into set albums and decided upon the order of pictures, I set about writing the copy for new website and building its basic structure.

Ellie decided that she did not want a blog and so it was even more important that her pictures were optimised for SEO. I therefore advised Ellie to look at her tags and meta data on Flikr to ensure her images were optimized. I also advised her about picmarkr.com/ which she could use to add a promotional watermark to her Flikr photos .

At the very beginning of the project I had set Ellie up with a simple blank WordPress trial site to help her decide if this was the platform for her. Rather than send an email to me with her directory information and bio/CV Ellie added the copy directly into the blank trail site.  This helped her to get familiar with WordPress and feel more confident about updating these pages in the future.

To help market her work it was also suggested that Ellie followed up after key projects with an email / facebook message with a link to invite clients/colleagues to like her Facebook page. It would also advise that she would be adding them to her directory page and invite them to share a link to her site from their website. She could also use this contact as an opportunity to ask for a testimonial and invite people to consider her for any future projects that they are working on.

View website here: www.ellieymakeup.com

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