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30 Oct

past projects – branding, print and web





Aimée Creative worked closely with Demsoc (The Democratic Society) to design posters and flyers, and the concept for an interactive one-day public exhibition and online project as part of TedX Brighton 2013.

The theme for TedX was ‘Pass It On’  it explored Legacy & Heritage: What was, what is, what will be and what could have been. As part of the event the Ideas Lab made a return to the Dome Foyer, inviting the public in to join TedX delegates and think about the theme of legacy & heritage on a more interactive level.

The question was asked to the people of Brighton ‘What does democracy mean to you and what place does it hold in our future?’ with the challenge to choose just 3 words to describe exactly that.

Sounds and Images were used throughout the day to create a growing representation of the answers received. These were showcased both on and offline- to invite further discussions about ‘what democracy means to you’ on the 28th October 2013.


To see the answers given online visit