01 Jan

how it works – brand design

Below outlines the general process (and time it usually takes) to design a brand identity. If you already have a very clear idea of what you want, or if you require just a simple typeface style logo designed, it may take considerably less time. Occasionally it may take more research and concept work to pinpoint together exactly what is needed, but most projects tend to follow the process outlined below.

If you are interested in having a brand identity designed and have any questions, call me for a quick chat on 07791 544905, I’d love to hear from you.

- Aimée - 

Week 1: Ideas


I research. I sketch. We meet and play around with ideas, or we correspond via Skype and email if you are not based locally. We also talk about customer personas (customer archetype who represent a bigger customer group) and think about their likes and dislikes. This is to ensure that what is finally designed will appeal to those who are most likely to want what you offer.

Week 2: Concepts x3

Concept Stage

Following initial sketches and discussions three concepts are designed and presented. These are initially in black and white to keep the number of variations down, and prevent you from being overwhelmed with multiple options. The aim at this stage is to get a feel for the elements in the design; typeface, layout, symbols or illustrations.

If we are also looking at your brand’s personality (useful to do this if you are planning a website of designing literature later) then mood boards/concepts for potential photographers / photography style, tone of voice and brand characteristic will also be presented.

Week 3: Proofs x3

Proof 1

One of the concepts presented (or sometimes a mixture of the concepts) is picked by you to be developed further. As it is important that you are 100% happy with the direction that the branding is taking – if you feel that more concept work is required, this can be commissioned.

The proofing stage is when the design evolves further following feedback from you. Usually at this stage people are pretty clear on what they want and only up to three set of amendments are ever required. At this stage we also start to finalise your colour palette and fonts (and brand personality if we are working on this too).

Week 4: Sign Off


The final logo and brand identity is signed off. A zipped folder of logos is then exported and emailed to you with different file versions optimised for professional print, desktop publishing and web use. Original scalable artwork files are also supplied. Any brand guides are also issued. These will outline the formula for the colours in your brand palette, and state your font hierarchy etc. The guide will help you to ensure that all future brand material will stay on brand and look consistent, and professional. Any purchased or free fonts are also emailed.

How things get started
Before any work commences a short questionnaire/brief is usually completed to tell me about your brand and requirements.  Then an estimate and contact is emailed to you, and some design time pencilled out in the schedule. Work only commences once a 50% deposit is paid, with the balance due once the project has been signed off.

All estimates allow for up to three concepts and three sets of proofs. Requests for additional sketches/concept work/proofs is chargeable at an hourly rate.

Guide to prices:

  • Logo only (simple typeface) – £60-£90
    * no sketches/phone chat only – project goes straight to concept stage
  • Logo only (simple typeface + bespoke symbol) – £120-£150
  • Bespoke typeface and illustration – £210-£330
  • Basic Brand Guideline (colours/fonts) – £30
  • Brand personality (colours/fonts/photography style / tone of voice) – £90
    *useful if planning to design a website or some literature later

Font’s may be free for commercial use or a licensed font  may be purchased. Any font licenses are paid for directly by the client and are in addition to design fees – a number of options and prices are always given during the design process.

If you are interested in having a brand identity designed call me for a quick chat on 07791 544905, Skype @aimeecreates or email me at hello@aimeecreative.com, I’d love to hear from you.

- Aimée -