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05 Jan

latest work – web


The Caroline of Brunswick pub in Brighton approached Aimée Creative in 2014 as they were unhappy with the functionality of their current website. During the Fringe Festival in May, owner Cliff was finding posting events online time consuming and repetitive, and was looking for a new system. He was also keen to have a website that would be more ‘designed’ and that would better reflect the feel of the pub and its clientele; a mixture of students, rockers and metallers and those wanting a good stand up show – or just your average Joe wanting a pint and something to eat.

After talking with Cliff and getting familiar with his requirements it was concluded that WordPress might be the best fit for his budget. It was important that Cliff would feel comfortable using WordPress and so a demo site was set up for him to edit and get familiar with. Once clear that WordPress’s user-friendly interface appealed to him, I set to work finding the additional software (known as a plug-in) that would add the specific event functionality that was needed

 for the new website. One was eventually found that ticked most of the boxes and after careful consideration Cliff concluded WordPress was the route that he wanted to go. We then started the process of planning the layout and navigation of the site (called the wireframe) and began discussing the feel and design that Cliff was after.

One of the first things to consider for the new site was the absence of any photography. I demonstrated several examples of websites to Cliff to show how the use of good photography (or lack of it) could often be seen to make or break the appeal of a website. He agreed that it would be worth investing in a photoshoot and 

Toms Udis was recommended for photographer. Toms style of photography was deemed a good fit for the pub and the shoot was booked in to take place shortly after a quick pub refurbishment, to ensure that it would be looking at its best.


Although the pub was known as Brighton’s rock and alternative pub, Cliff did not want to go too heavy with the feel of the site but he did want it to look ‘designed’. Cliff was particularly keen to have some custom illustrations. Inspiration came from some of the art in the pub, including the famous three headed dog statue above the bar. The final illustrations were used not only in the header/background but were subtly incorporated all over the  site in order to pull together the look of the new site. The illustrations were also used in the design of some printed drinks posters for the website and pub walls.

Illustrations Caroline Pub


The colour of the website needed to reflect its existing logo and strong brand colours, without being overwhelming. Red was selected as the main colour of the site, while white and black text would provide contrast on the page. Icons were also designed to break up the red background and provide interest to the page.

The final photos from the shoot with Toms were used all over the site, and formed the main background giving an instant showcase of the pub. An Instagram account was also set up and all photos tagged and uploaded. These were then pulled over from Instagram into the gallery page of the website. This feature enabled Cliff and his staff to easily take phone photos and upload them to the site via Instagram. They could also search for other photos of the pub and add these to the gallery page by simply liking them on Instagram. and tagging also provided potential for building followers, and marketing the pub online – a simple weekly plan and tagging proposal was recommended to help Cliff build his brand online.



Visit the Caroline of Brunswick Website:

29 Nov

latest work – web


Dan William and Jess Morris are well known faces on the London and Brighton antiques scene. They approached Aimée Creative in September to help them launch the Brighton Vintage and Antique Market (BVAM), at the recently refurbished Open Market near London Road.

Initially they were keen to have a website however, with the first market looming in less than three weeks and much work to do (including running their own antiques businesses) it was recommended instead to first focus all efforts on a new Facebook Page. This would enable them to use the platform to build an online audience, and use social networking to get the message out.

A strategy to provide engaging content for the page and to also increase audience size was then devised. This heavily focused on sharing information about the stall holders as they signed up to take a pitch. By posting original content (stallholder photos and information about them) and not just sharing the stall holder’s own Facebook pages or websites, this kept users from migrating away from the market’s Facebook page. It also created a Facebook page rich in content. This content could easily be migrated to a website at a later date.

As both Jess and Dan had a lot of work to do organising the event they commissioned Aimée Creative to set up and run the Facebook page for them for a month. This would set them up with a formula for sourcing and adding content to the page, and would hopefully fuel inspiration for additions to their content strategy when they were to take back ownership.

Upon talking with Lisa from the Open Market we were made aware that the Lantern Fayre would be taking place on The Level Park across from the market. Some promotion about the Fayre was used to invite people to the area for a great Sunday out. Breaking up the stall holder post were also intermittent posts sharing videos of classic songs to start the day off with, and sharable news about the Brighton area to try and expose the BAVM brand.




Despite just three weeks to launch the event proved a huge success for BVAM, with crowds of shopper’s from beginning to end. Stallholders were keen to comment how helpful BVAM had been in marketing both the event and promoting their stalls online – this helped build trust in the new event and secure bookings for subsequent shows.

On the day of the first market the BVAM Facebook had over 200 likes, multiple post shares and a number of lovely reviews about the first market were left on the page. Since handing over the Facebook page Jess and Dan have done a great job keeping up momentum and audience engagement and by February 2015 had just under 900 likes!

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05 Sep

latest work – web


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 18.54.44


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 18.53.37

Following the design of a logo and brand identity for Rod and Rebecca from Darby and Darby, aimée creative was asked to design a bilingual website for their specialist financial translation service. Having already worked with them I was aware that the site needed to appeal to elite clients such as Deloitte and KMPG as well as the major banks and insurance companies of Germany.

Unlike most websites Darby and Darby were unable to showcase or share examples of their work, and instead were to reply strongly upon the written word, in particular from testimonials from elite clients. From conversations with Rod and Rebecca it was clear that one of their USP’s was their specialism, and that this held many advantages over generalist translators. To highlight the value of commissioning specialist translators quotes about the art of translation were sourced and placed alongside testimonials.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.43.14

From the completed pre-project questionnaire and copy provided by Rod and Rebecca their key strengths were pulled out to design illustrated headers for each page. This created much needed visual interest on what otherwise would have been very text heavy pages, whilst avoiding the use of industry clichés such stock photos of people wearing headsets and photos of pie charts and documents. Boxes outlining the benefits of their service were also created to break up the text on the home page.

Language buttons

It was decided early on to have duplicate websites, one in German and one in English. These were to be navigated between using simple buttons at the top of the page.

The site itself was built using WordPress. This was because Rebecca was already familiar with the platform, and wanted the option of adding a simple blog/newsletter to the site at a later date. At the request of Rebecca and Rod the site was built in collaboration with a web developer in Germany, harnessing their strengths in setting up bilingual websites and in custom builds .The project itself was managed throughout by aimée creative who worked closely with the Darby & Darby and Tom the developer by Skype and email, pulling together a project with people, who were often, all in different countries and continents from each other.

View the live website here:

Web Development – Tom Whiston

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Business Cards  for German to English financial  translators Darby and Darby, white, navy and cyan brand colours

Business Cards



09 Jul

latest work – web





Ellie Y Make Up approached Aimée Creative wanting a simple black and white website to really make her portfolio photos stand out on the page.

Ellie already had a substantial portfolio hosted on Flikr. She did not want to duplicate her workload and have to update her Flikr and website each time there were new photos. We therefore decided to embed Flikr slide shows into the website.

Whilst Ellie set to work organising the best of her portfolio into set albums and decided upon the order of pictures, I set about writing the copy for new website and building its basic structure.

Ellie decided that she did not want a blog and so it was even more important that her pictures were optimised for SEO. I therefore advised Ellie to look at her tags and meta data on Flikr to ensure her images were optimized. I also advised her about which she could use to add a promotional watermark to her Flikr photos .

At the very beginning of the project I had set Ellie up with a simple blank WordPress trial site to help her decide if this was the platform for her. Rather than send an email to me with her directory information and bio/CV Ellie added the copy directly into the blank trail site.  This helped her to get familiar with WordPress and feel more confident about updating these pages in the future.

To help market her work it was also suggested that Ellie followed up after key projects with an email / facebook message with a link to invite clients/colleagues to like her Facebook page. It would also advise that she would be adding them to her directory page and invite them to share a link to her site from their website. She could also use this contact as an opportunity to ask for a testimonial and invite people to consider her for any future projects that they are working on.

View website here:

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18 Feb

past work – web



Maria at Simply Mai Tai makes beautiful custom baby slings. Each sling is hand made in your choice of fabrics, and can be hand embroidered by Maria too. She wanted a Facebook cover image that conveyed how bespoke and one-of-a kind her products were – and to convey the message that she made these herself.

It was when Maria shared a new cover image on Facebook that she had just commissioned from a professional (always check out a designers portfolio when picking your designer, the designer in question had used a lot of clip art and that was not what Maria was looking for). She was not convinced or happy that the design represented her business and so she asked for my assistance.

I was able to take photos of her slings off her website and crop into them to create fabric swatches. A good selection of designs were picked to convey the vast choice of fabrics, and all pulled together to create a quilt effect background.

I thought it was also important to have the actual product clearly shown on the cover image too and so a neutral image was picked that showed the workings of the sling.

Maria already had a lovely logo but a stitch effect was placed around its edge, and make it look like it was ‘sewn onto’ the quilt patchwork. Lastly Maria wanted a fun cartoon type illustration of herself sewing as her profile picture. Photos from Maria’s Facebook profile provided reference for a simple black and white illustration.

Maria was really pleased with the finished result. She felt it captured the essence of her brand and product perfectly, as did many of her friends and customers.

30 Oct

past projects – branding, print and web





Aimée Creative worked closely with Demsoc (The Democratic Society) to design posters and flyers, and the concept for an interactive one-day public exhibition and online project as part of TedX Brighton 2013.

The theme for TedX was ‘Pass It On’  it explored Legacy & Heritage: What was, what is, what will be and what could have been. As part of the event the Ideas Lab made a return to the Dome Foyer, inviting the public in to join TedX delegates and think about the theme of legacy & heritage on a more interactive level.

The question was asked to the people of Brighton ‘What does democracy mean to you and what place does it hold in our future?’ with the challenge to choose just 3 words to describe exactly that.

Sounds and Images were used throughout the day to create a growing representation of the answers received. These were showcased both on and offline- to invite further discussions about ‘what democracy means to you’ on the 28th October 2013.

To see the answers given online visit



10 Oct

past projects – web

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Nigel Huddelston is a Learning Consultant, a Science teacher, a workshop leader and therapist/coach. Nigel approached me in early 2013 to help him work on his marketing strategy, branding and communications for his venture ‘Synthesis Learning’, This lead to the design of a logo and a complete visual identity for his brand, together with poster templates for his group workshops. The work also lead onto a rebrand and adaption of his existing WordPress website in order to support a new social media and communications strategy, targeted at Mother’s and their teenagers, but also at schools and local authorities.

Nigel’s current site was rich with written content but short of images or graphics that would reflect his target audience. Until a photo shoot could be arranged, stock images were carefully sourced to compliment the new visual identity, whilst also representing some of the situations that Nigel could support with.

Some preliminary work was also carried out to the copy in order to condense it and adapt any pages that appeared too text heavy or academic. Bullet points, tabs, subtitles and headers were also used to aid page navigation and to help signpost the user through the site.

A few of Nigel’s essays were adapted to create a new formula for some ‘agony aunt’ style blog posts with summary conclusions and top tips. Text was extracted from the post to  create a colourful quotation that would both add visual interest to the page to help direct the user to relevant information:


Thanks to an email subscription on the site, new posts would automatically be delivered direct to subscribers and would also be shared on his new Facebook page alongside stories that Nigel would create that would be partly inspired by real clients (anonymous).  This formed part of a suggested initial inbound marketing strategy that would provide sharable tools and build an online community interested in teenage mental health and exam pressures. Other original content would include custom quirky cartoons, together with photos and thoughts for the day from Nigel. Nigel was also encouraged to find and follow pages that might provide sharable content that would be beneficial to his followers, plus a series of online activities to help expose his brand to his target audience.

In addition to social networks, it was recommended that offline networking could also be used to build connections and trust in the brand. A free monthly coffee shop meet-up for parents could provide those curious about Nigel’s work the opportunity to informally meet Nigel and other parents, and could provide him with inspiration for further blog posts and workshops.

View the live website here:

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08 May

past projects – web







Trillion Fund are a crowd funding company who help people to invest their money in renewable energy. With so much emphasis on statistics and educational information to support investment in greener energy,  infographics are a key part in their marketing strategy. The company already had a visual style for their infographics but needed someone to frequently convert bullets of statistics into eye catching visuals, to post on their website and to also share on their social media channels. The challenge was to fit in all the information within the space whilst ensuring the story and information flowed. The work involved adapting stock images, vectors and creating some original illustrations.