Time to Prince 2

Having been a manager of projects in various disguises over the years I’ve decided to make time to study and take my Prince 2 exam. Some credentials to back-up my practical experience can’t be a bad thing and I will undoubtably learn a few more tricks up my sleeves in the process.

To be honest it is something that I have been meaning to do for sometime now, in fact three textbooks are currently sitting on my bookshelf that were borrowed from my old Line Manager, some considerable time ago. Quite frankly, it is about time they were used, returned or re-homed.

Step number 1 will of course be good old spreadsheet so that I can set myself up with a self- study plan with dedicated hours to complete each week. With a little bit of added contingency, it will undoubtably help me to work out a potential exam day date and ensure I keep on the straight and narrow.

Can I confess though that I’m more excited about creating the the spreadsheet then doing the studying? I’m sure by applying my usual project management principles to the project – breaking it down into achievable milestones and targets (and rewards of course, you just can’t beat a bit of gamification!) I’ll be stuck in a book in no time and enjoying studying again. Project managing, learning about project managing – it has all gone a bit Meta Meta suddenly!