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29 Oct

latest work – print


Dan William and Jess Morris are well known faces on the London and Brighton antiques scene. They approached Aimée Creative to help them launch the Brighton Vintage and Antique Market (BVAM), at the recently refurbished Open Market near London Road.

The decision was made to hold the market on the 1st Sunday of each month. This would provide both a memorable date and avoid the end of month ‘empty wallet’ syndrome. Having decided this, this then gave us just three weeks to promote and launch the very first market.

The first stage was to design the logo and visual identity. This also included a bespoke illustration to demonstrate the array of items that one might expect to find at the new market.


We then needed to quickly get the word out around Brighton and Sussex. Postcards and A3 posters were designed and distributed around cafes, bars, antique shops and around the Open Market. As the event was brand new there was no photography available and so a vintage photo of the Open Market was hunted down. This photo drew attention to the location and gave an historic feel, in keeping with the brand. Together with the bespoke illustration these provided a much needed visual interest to the promotional materials and clearly conveyed what the market had to offer.

Jess and Dan also actively promoted the event at the Open Market in the Saturday’s leading up to the first BVAM. This was particularly important as the Open Market was known for being closed on a Sunday, and so work needed to be done to spread the word that it would be open. It also gave opportunity to introduce themselves to potential stall holders who might be interested in taking a pitch at BVAM.

Adverts were also designed for the trade and local press. A series of short and full length press releases were written and circulated in the run up to the events in 2014, for publication online and in printed press. Social media and online marketing also played a great part in promoting the event.


Due to the established reputation of Jess and Dan and due to the surrounding publicity and online promotion, the first market was a huge success with crowds of shoppers passing through from morning to close.

After the success of the initial launch and publicity, a proposal for creating seasonal posters and flyers for 2015 was presented. These would display 3 months worth of dates, and reiterate the frequency of the market. They would also make publicity more economical, by reducing both design and print cost, leaving budget for other forms of promotion. Having different colours for each season would provide a visual ‘eye catching’ change between each poster/flyer edition, to help them stand out.

Seasons Concept_BVAM

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14 Sep

latest work – print

NICE Report Cover

NICE-Report-Alternative-Cover-idea NICE Report Beginning

Freelance writer Susan Bentley contacted Aimée Creative in Spring to design the 2014 NICE Citizens Council report. NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) provides national guidance to improve health and social care in the UK. Together with the facilitators Pete Spriggs and Mandy Sims, from Clearer Thinking, Susan worked with NICE and the NICE Citizens Council (a panel of thirty members of the public that largely reflect the demographic characteristics of the UK)  to produce a report from a two day meeting that explored a question on what societal values should be taken into consideration when looking at trade-offs between equity and efficiency.

As an observer at the meeting, Susan noted group conversations, individual comments and also interviewed Council members. She then worked closely with NICE to turn her meeting notes into a written report. This report was then sent for design.

The report would be presented to the NICE Board and shared on the NICE website. It therefore needed to look professional but also needed to demonstrate that the written/spoken ideas had come direct and unaltered ‘from the people’. To convey this report was given some depth and designed to look like the extracts  from the day (photos, flipchart notes, documents, slips of paper with definitions on them) had been physically pinned or glued within the pages of the report.

Picture 12 Picture 11

A hand drawn drawing pin illustration was used to pin elements to the page, whilst a speech bubble was created which accompanied individual quotes throughout the report. The same speech bubble illustration was used to create simple info-graphics that would collect together the ideas spoken by the group as a whole, on given subjects. These elements helped create clarity to the text and direct the eye to key parts of the text.

Initially the colour scheme for the report was inspired by colours taken from the NICE website (dark blue & yellow) but NICE wanted the report to be more vibrant, suggesting a series of bright colours to experiment with before finally selecting the purple and green option. A couple of cover designs were also created, before NICE selected their favourite version.

The report has now been published and is available to view on the NICE website

Collaborators / Credits:
Susan Bentley – Copywriting & Project Management
Pete Spriggs and Mandy Sims – Clearer Thinking facilitation


30 Oct

past projects – branding, print and web





Aimée Creative worked closely with Demsoc (The Democratic Society) to design posters and flyers, and the concept for an interactive one-day public exhibition and online project as part of TedX Brighton 2013.

The theme for TedX was ‘Pass It On’  it explored Legacy & Heritage: What was, what is, what will be and what could have been. As part of the event the Ideas Lab made a return to the Dome Foyer, inviting the public in to join TedX delegates and think about the theme of legacy & heritage on a more interactive level.

The question was asked to the people of Brighton ‘What does democracy mean to you and what place does it hold in our future?’ with the challenge to choose just 3 words to describe exactly that.

Sounds and Images were used throughout the day to create a growing representation of the answers received. These were showcased both on and offline- to invite further discussions about ‘what democracy means to you’ on the 28th October 2013.

To see the answers given online visit