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Aimée Creative works with ethical or social enterprises who are trying to be the change in the world and have society, ethics or the environment at the heart of what they do. It provides businesses with a professional logo and brand identity to go out there and face the world with, and helps them reach people by advising them on their publicity and brand strategy, and through promotional print and web design.

It also works with the arts and care industries and works with solo entrepreneurs such as dancers, artist, linguists, singers, coaches and holistic therapists.  Often it can be hard to find time to market and promote yourself when you are solo, it is a huge privilege to be able to help convey a value to the world and support people in achieving their dream of earning a living doing what they love.


Founder – Aimée Davies


Aimée Creative was set up over four years ago when I decided to take the plunge and set forth as a freelancer. I come with over twenty years of marketing and project management experience, starting off in product management before specialising in marketing communications. After years of management experience and commissioning graphic designers, I decided to cross to the other side, pick up my pen, sit in front of a mac computer and start to get to grips with world of graphic design for myself.

During the early years of my training I formed part of a new, small but perfectly formed in-house design team. Working under the watchful eyes of some amazing graphic designers and mentors, I quickly grew in confidence and skills, producing numerous online and small print projects. A talent for exhibition design and web graphics/UX was discovered and I soon became lead designer for all core website content and all trade show exhibitions (around eight in two years).

Since those early days in 2008 I have carefully forged a career path that has enabled me to grow as a designer, both working in an in-house and freelance capacity.

I continue to keep on top of my original passion for marketing, working on temporary contracts as a communications manager or as a freelance marketing consultant. This ensures I keep my marketing hat on and can provide valuable business insights to my clients that go beyond just design and build. My CV.

My specialties

My core skills lie in branding. I provide graphic design for brand identities and corporate collateral, everything from logos and business cards to brochures and flyers.  I also create original illustrative work and info graphics, and design and build  websites. My background in product marketing and marketing communications provides my clients with useful insights into new product development, marketing strategy and PR, and I can work with small businesses and start-up’s to consult with them on their first marketing strategy and branding programme.

To assist with content creation, I have a pool of creative talent from Brighton and beyond who can bring their specialist skills to any project: photography, copywriting etc. I provide you with a personalised one-stop service, securing the vision and working together with you and any suppliers, to ensure the project is executed on time and on budget. If you have your own preferred copywriter, photographer, illustrator or printers I am of course happy to work collaboratively with them.

My portfolio

This website shows a range of projects from my portfolio. If you don’t see anything relevant to your specific needs or industry please get in touch and I’d be happy to send you examples of my work that are relevant to your specific industry and project. Get in touch.

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